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The Show Committee Members or officials will not be responsible for any accident that may occur to any animal, person or property and each exhibitor shall hold them harmless and indemnify them against any legal proceedings or liabilities arising from any such accident, or loss of property caused to or by property or employee of such exhibitor.

• The Horse Show Committee reserves the right to change judges, decline any entry, revise time schedule, cancel any class where there is less than 2 entries, combine classes or divide any class in the best interest of the horse show.

• All equitation and other classes are restricted specifically to Juniors who have not reached their 18th birthday by December 1st of the current show year

• Proper attire shall be worn by all riders for all classes.  Jackets are optional in Training Jumpers. Show Attire is NOT REQUIRED.  Helmets & proper foot wear are mandatory.

• Proof of Negative Coggins must accompany each entry.  Tests must be dated 6 months for out-of-state horses and 24 months for MA horses.  Other vaccinations should also be current.

• Horses Entered and not Exhibited shall forfeit fees, unless the committee is presented with a veterinary certificate, or in equitation only, a physician's certificate

• No Exhibitor or person shall approach the judge unless he first obtains permission from the show manager.  Any exhibitor or person disregarding this rule may be asked to cancel all entries and forfeit entry fees.  Judges' decisions are final.

• All riders must wear protective headgear while riding anywhere on the show grounds.  Headgear must be approved and conform to the standards of US Equestrian Association.  Harnesses must be secured and properly fitted.  Any rider violating this rule will be immediately prohibited from further riding until such headgear is properly in place.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the junior exhibitor to see that the headgear worn complies with such standards.  Adults are required to comply with this rule as well.

• Champion and Reserve ribbons will be awarded in all divisions to the top 2 horses who have acquired the most points in their divisions.  Points will be awarded through 6th place: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.  There must be at least three entries in the first over fences class in all hunter divisions and at least 2 entries in all other classes unless otherwise stated for Championship and year-end points to be awarded.  To be eligible for championship and reserve, the exhibitor must have shown in at least one other qualifying class in the division.

• A trophy will be presented in all classes

• Post Entries are $25/horse for all entries not received by Wednesday before the show.

• Under MA Law an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities pursuant to section 2D of Chapter 128 of the General Law

• Stalls are $5.00/day on a first come basis.  Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their stall and area around the stall before leaving the show grounds.  A $25.00 cleaning fee will be charged for any stall not properly cleaned. 

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