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Fisher Memorial Award
Donated in loving memory of Anne and Tony Fisher. This award is given to the individual(s) who best exemplify the spirit of Anne and Tony through improvement and beautification of the island;be it at home, farm, or business.

2004      Sarah Doyle, Pond View Farm
2005      J & B Thorpe, Lake Carey Barn
2006      Rays, Tashmoo Farm
2007      Kenneys, Misty Meadows
2008      Middletown Nursery
2009      West Tisbury Town Hall
2010      Tracey Olsen, Woodbe Farm
2011      MVSB Financial Group Building
2012      State Road Restaurant
2013      Grey Barn Farm
2014      7a
2015      Capawock Theater/ Mark Schneider
2016      Morrice Florist
2017      none
2018      Chris Bruno/ State Forest
2019      Whitestone Equestrian Center


Hillman Award of Special Recognition
Donated in loving memory of Sandra F. Hillman.  This award is given to a junior member of the MVHC who best exemplifies what it means to be a true horseman. This member will show care and concern for horses as well as other people in the equestrian community.
2008      Pheobe Hersh & Elyce Bonnell
2010      Signe Baumhofer
2011      none
2012      Genny Kent
2013      Isabella Thorpe
2014      Caroline Herman
2015      Sean O’Malley
2016      Ava Stearns
2018      Lyla Solway
2019      Allie Nelson


Leadership Award
The MVHC Leadership Award is to honor the adult that has shown by their example the qualities of a leader, sportsman and horseman throughout the year. It is awarded to the person who has been the most unstinting in their efforts to aid the horse community of Martha’s Vineyard whether through volunteer, professional, private or behind the scenes activities. The recipient is not necessarily a member of MVHC but should be someone who has taken a leadership role in the community in a way that directly or indirectly benefits the equine community.
1992      Carole Hunter
1993      Jennie Gadowski
1994      Julianna Flanders Thorpe
1995      Polly Maciel
1996      Bill Leroyer
1997      Cindy Bonnell
1998      Martha Wenbert
1999      Lisa Forend
2000      Sandy Mincone
2001      Sarah Doyle
2002      Kate Harris
2003      Jessica Burnham
2004      Mary Ann Brock
2005      Paula O’Connor
2006      Tracey Amaral Olsen
2007      Stephanie W Dreyer
2008      Anna Cotton
2009      Laura Campbell & David Douglas
2010      Tara Whiting
2011      Jon Mancuso
2012      Bob & Irene Hungerford
2013      Jackie Herman
2014      Joan Mancuso
2015      Maddy Alley
2017      Susanne Furst
2018      Rebecca Solway
2019      Samantha Look



Marjorie Manter Award
Given in honor of Marjorie Manter who gave of herself unselfishly to the horse community by teaching, riding and horsemanship. This award is presented to the person who exemplifies Marjorie’s good will and spirit.
2007      Jon & Joan Mancuso
2008      Tracey Amaral Olsen
2009       Lisa Scannell
2010      Stephanie Dreyer
2011      Jackie Hermann
2012      Linda Coutinho
2013      Tracey Olsen
2014      Eleanor Amaral
2015      The Kenneys
2016      MVHC Show Committee
(Lisa Nivala, Rebecca Solway, Patty Reads, Mary Ellen Casey, Alison Thompson)
2017      Sarah McKay
2018      Charlene Douglas
2019       Elyce Reitmer

Sandra F Hillman

Marjorie Manter

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