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Note from the President:

Well, we made it through another summer and September has arrived. The nice riding weather is here and there is nothing to hold us back!

There are plenty of fall activities to choose from - definitely something for everyone - pace ride, clinic, Fall Fuzzy horse show and the Vineyard Equestrian relaunch!

Please come support Maggie in her new adventure, The Vineyard Equestrian. The relaunch is on Sunday, September 18 from 3-5pm at Woodbe Farm. Is should be fun!

Congratulations are in order for Erin Hickey who got engaged to her long time boyfriend Gavin Giardino. Erin was a Pond View Farm rider for many years and was lucky to ride both Choo Choo and Satin Doll. Amazing how  time flies!

Bella Thorpe continues to be a proud member of the UVM Intercollegiate Riding Team. She would love to see you at one of their shows if you are in their neck of the woods.

Happy Trails!

P. S. I am still planking, but haven't managed to get to the two minute mark... yet!



Please let us know if you have any educational topics you would like to see covered.  We are open to any other ideas! Contact Julie (508)645-3723 or Jen Rand (774) 563-0162

Local Events - 2022

If you have interest in Local Events, Please contact: 
Julie Flanders  508-645-3723

October 30 : MV Agricultural Society Grounds

Fall Fuzzy Horse Show

Join the Fun AND Games at this year's Fall Fuzzy!

Warm-up opens at 7:45am

Classes being at 9:00am

Class List & Entry Form here

Entries Due Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Return Entries to:  Sam Look

                           PO Box 1531

                           West Tisbury, MA 02575

                           774.563.9971 /


                           Drop off at Blackthorn Farm

Recent results

11th annual Hunter Pace : September 11, 2022
The marked trail was 6.6 miles with 8 jumps (all optional).
The optimal time was 1hr and 32 mins.
16 riders came out to enjoy!

5th place went to Team Misty comprised of Sarah McKay, Elizabeth Halcyon Brown, Gabriella DeBlase, Sophia-Maria Pavlonc, and Marcie Mueller. (28 mins from pace)

4th place was Kaitlin Dore, Mariah BenDavid, & Martha Scheffer (21 mins from pace)
3rd went to Grace Guck, Maggie Mae, and Ella Blodgett (15 mins from pace)

2nd place was Laura & Charlotte Marshard and Sandra Macartney (11 mins off)

1st place went to Vickie Thurber & Nina McMann (7 mins from the pace)

Thank you to our sponsors!
Yered Trailers, Lawrence Hill Horseshoeing & South Shore Equine Clinic.
Thank you to our volunteers for helping with jumps!
Photos courtesy of Albert O Fischer and Victoria Surr.
Shout out to our Forest manager, Conor Laffey. The trails were perfect!
Happy trails, and see you next year!
Stephanie w. Stephanie W. Dreyer & Tara Whiting