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Note from the President:

Spring is almost here and we will be busy prepping for clinics, shows, pace rides and gymkhanas starting any day now. There are many options for you to choose from this season!

I am pleased to announce that Lucile Bump will be returning for another Centered Riding Clinic on May 20 & 21.
The details are being worked out now and clinic forms will be posted on the website shortly.     

There will be Pace Rides, Hunter shows, Dressage shows and clinics to choose from this year. Please check the calendar for dates & locations.

The Equine First Aid Training was a big success. I would like to thank Dr. Loheac, Misty Meadows and all the MVHC volunteers who made it happen.
Please be sure to have your emergency plan in place even though I hope you never need to implement it!
Thank you to all our large and small animal veterinarians for all their hard work and dedication to our animals. Dr. Sauter had recently announced her retirement. We wish her the best & hope she enjoys a well deserved rest!
Happy Trails,

Local Events - 2023

If you have interest in Local Events, Please contact: 
Julie Flanders  508-645-3723
April 22 & 23 : Ag Society Ring (weather dependent)

Sheila McLevedge Clinic

$125 per ride - Advanced registration requested.

                         Riders encouraged, but not required to,                           ride both days as space allows.

Professional Riding instruction with an emphasis on patience, understanding, and communication between horse and rider

Contact: Jen Rand, for more info. and to reserve a spot.


**Rider spots will be confirmed upon payment.

   MVHC membership must be current.

   member forms can be found here.

May 20 & 21 : Ag Society Ring

Lucille Bump Centered Riding Clinic

details & registration information to follow

June 25 : Ag Society Ring

Hunter Horse Show

July 9 : Ag Society Ring

Dressage Show

September 17 : Ag Society Ring

Dressage Show


October 1 : Ag Society Ring

Fall Fuzzy Horse Show


Please let us know if you have any educational topics you would like to see covered.  We are open to any other ideas! Contact Julie (508)645-3723 or Jen Rand (774) 563-0162

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